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Photography Couresy of David Minkin professional photographer and fellow dog lover.


AntsOut Pet Bowls is a ultra heavy weight 3 pound feeder designed with a water reservoir that does not allow ants and insects to enter the food area. One of the unique features of the AntsOut Feeder is that any food knocked out of the top bowl will not fall into the water reservoir and become foul.

AntsOut Bowls are completely sanitary and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The elevated height of the AntsOut bowl puts the food at a more comfortable level for your pet.

Ant Proof Dog Bowl

Water reservoir dog bowl

Lab dog eating from AntsOut Dog bowl

If AntsOut feeder bowl is used as a water bowl, the oversplash from energetic dogs falls into the lower bowl, not on your floor. If food is knocked out of the bowl by your pet, it will not falll into the water reservoir and spoil.

No foul pet water


Ant Proof Dowg Bowl Assembly

Designed, assembled and shipped to you from right here in the Mississippi Delta where we love our dogs more than you know...

AntsOut Dog Bowl Assembly

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This product was purchased for my cat because I have a problem with ants that cover the cat food within minutes after setting out the food. It worked great.  I purchased 2 more for my dogs and noticed I was mopping up a lot less water after my hyperactive dogs went in for a drink. The water goes in top bowl and the spills are caught by the larger bowl on bottom. Great product!
Dr. E. Meek, Greenwood, Ms



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